Produk Jus Al-Khaira

Al-Khaira means “the good one”. As the name suggests, Al-Khaira juice is a special and unique formulation, beneficial for maintaining body’s health and fitness. It contains 10 main ingredients which are said to be the very best natural food in the world and with it, countless value of goodness. The said ingredients are extracts of pomegranate, dates, raisins, ficus sycomorus, almond, aloe vera, centella, natural honey, sea cucumber (Stichopus horrens) and olive oil. Among the benefits of these ingredients are:
Pomegranate - One of the oldest surviving fruit species in the world (as early as 4000 BC). The Holy Quran has quoted that pomegranate is a fruit from the garden of heaven (55:68). It has been associated with fertility and health. Some people called it the ‘magic fruit’ because of its body-immunity enhancing properties and also rich with antioxidants and nutrients capable of preserving youth.
Dates - Dates is a balanced meal great for digestive system. It is capable to rejuvenate a tired body and good for women before and after childbirth. The nutritional values of dates are countless and rich with fiber, vitamins and minerals, great for muscle development. It can help ease constipation and bowel problems and heart disease as well.
Raisin - Raisin is a natural food and sweetener. It is a good source of fiber, vitamins & minerals such as vitamin B, calcium, potassium and iron. Raisin is also a good antioxidant to slow down the aging process. Prophet Muhammad once quoted as saying that “the best of food is zabib (raisin)”. Raisin is also believed to be a good food for the mind and memory. It helps in relieving stress and strengthening nerves and muscle.
Aloe vera - Aloe vera adalah bahan yang terkenal kerana banyak digunakan dalam bidang perubatan untuk banyak penyakit seperti kencing manis, meningkatkan kandungan oksigen dalam darah di badan, mengurangkan kesakitan bengkak dan arthritis. Di dalam aloe vera terdapat komponen seperti polysaccharides, mannan dan lectin yang berkesan untuk membaikpulih luka dan kluit terbakar. Ia juga dapat mencantikkan kulit.
ficus sycomorus - One of early fruits in the world, since 60 AC. Ficus contains natural sweets and high in fiber which is capable to help digestive system. It contains vitamins and minerals such as calsium, magnesium and potassium which are vital in controlling blood and cholesterol pressure and the ideal alkaline level in the body.
Almond - Research shows almonds are good for health and rich with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemical. It also said to help in reducing cholesterol level, nutritional, strengthen the muscle and intelligence, beautifies and whiten the skin and repairs eye vision.
Honey - Besides being one of the sunah food mentioned in the Holy Quran and hadith, honey has long been used as natural sweetener and reduces a number of diseases. Also beneficial in increasing energy and stamina, and rejuvenating body after a disease or stress. Honey also calms and provides a good sleep, respiratorial problems.
Sea cucumber - Sea cucumber (or scientifically named Stichopus horrens) is a sea-living species, famous for its magical wound-healing properties, internal or external bleeding, ulcer, chest pain, throat sore, flu and burnt skin. It is used by surgery patients and women giving birth. Sea cucumber is known for containing cells-renewing substance, useful for bones and skin, collagen, body-rejuvenating and skin softening. It is rich with chondoritis, mucopolsaccharids and other nutrients such as proteins, vitamin A, C and minerals.
Centella Asiatica - Centella is also called by other names such as Gotu Kola, Indian Pennywort, Pegaga and Brahmi. Centella helps to refresh the brain and nerve system and preserves youth. It also helps maintain body fitness, fights rheumatism, increases mind concentration and improve blood circulatory system.
Olive oil - Olive is so special, it’s mentioned in the Holy Quran, which goes to prove how special the fruit is. Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain are well known of the nutritional values of olive oil in combating high level of cholesterol in blood, improving respiratorial system, reducing heart disease, ear-related problems, constipation, stomach ache, dried skin and wrinkles, and reducing risks of gall bladder problem.

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